The Environmentalist Submission Guidelines


Submission Process:

If you are interested in becoming a writer on THE ENVIRONMENTALIST, review the guidelines below and the formatting guidelines and then submit a short (1-3 paragraphs) query to the Submissions Team with your article proposal.  If your idea fits with The Environmentalist's article standards and article direction, the submission's team will get back to you.  Allow some time for a response and understand that not every query can or will be answered.   That will not be a reflection on your idea but, rather, where it may or may not fit with the magazine's focus at that time.  You are free to submit additional ideas if you have not heard back.  Note that the Environmentalist will not be held accountable if a similar idea or topic should be published from another writer.  All articles and submissions are the responsibility of the writer(s).


Writers must confirm that their material is original and/or public domain. Writers will not cut and paste entire articles unless it is a cross-posting of their own work or unless they have written permission to do so from the source writer. The Environmentalist is not responsible for copyright violations perpetrated by contributing writers. Such a violation is the sole responsibility of the writer. The Environmentalist is also not responsible for the content of the writers' posts. The writers are liable and responsible for their words and intent.


Access to the article drop site is specific to the user ID for which it is granted. If a writer wishes to help another writer post on The Environmentalist, that new writer must go through The Environmentalist submission process. You must not share your access without permission.


Blockquotes are allowed as long as they do not infringe on copyright (usually a max of three paragraphs -- less is better). Quotes from articles must be linked in the post.

Photos and Videos:

Photos and videos may be submitted with your articles as long as a) you have rights to them or b) they are public domain (i.e. YouTube) or creative commons (i.e. WikiMedia Commons).


Environmentalist writers' pledge of quality: Writers will not use The Environmentalist to state untruths, slander, libel or other such violations. Writers will not use The Environmentalist to cyberstalk or otherwise harm individuals. Writers will not violate laws. Statements written by writers about public figures will be sourced and provable. Statements written about science will be sourced and provable. Empirical statements written about anything will be sourced and provable.

If writing opinion, submit it for the Op-Ed section.


The Environmentalist adheres to journalistic standards and uses the AP style. The AP style book is available here.


The Environmentalist relies on its writers to help with article promotion. Writers agree to distribute the links of their articles to all social media with which they interact (facebook, twitter, mySpace, Digg, email, etc...).

Support The Environmentalist:

The Environmentalist defrays site costs through ad revenue (clicks to advertisements throughout the site), the site store, and donations.  Support our advertisers by clicking on an ad or two each time you visit.  This will ensure the best ads and more readership for your stories.  Let your friends and colleagues know about the site, the donations site and site store, and as them to click on the advertisements, such as the two below, throughout the site to support our advertisers (note: The Environmentalist does not endorse the advertised products).

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Submissions Team:

Writers must be aware the volunteers on The Environmentalist donate their time and are under time pressure with the number of submissions they receive. Writers will support the submission team and treat them in a professional manner. If a writer has a problem with a submission team member, that problem must be taken to the editor. Complaints disseminated outside of The Environmentalist team will result in a suspension of access to the submission site until a reasonable explanation can be obtained.


The Environmentalist is not responsible for the content of a writer's article nor is The Environmentalist to be held accountable for damages from same. Note that The Environmentalist is not accountable for a similar idea or topic published from another writer.  All articles and submissions are the responsibility of the writer(s).   All writers and those submitting to The Environmentalist to be writers must agree to indemnify The Environmentalist from all consequences, legal or otherwise, therein.

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