THE ENVIRONMENTALIST Submissions guidelines:

Requesting consideration:  If you are submitting a request to write for THE ENVIRONMENTALIST, please review the submission guidelines at http://about.the-environmentalist.org/2011/01/environmentalist-guidelines.html and then contact the submissions editor at http://contact.the-environmentalist.org with your submission consideration request.   After you receive approval and access to the submission site, you can use the following as the guideline for submitting your post:

(1) Upon approval, you will be invited to sign on to the submission site.  Please look in your email inbox for the invitation and instructions for sign-up.  Once you have access to the post submission site, your posts should be dropped to the site with all necessary links embedded.

(2) Put in the t
itle you want for your posts and include suggested tags.   Click Draft to save a work in progress and publish to submit the post to our Submissions Editors who will then finalize your submission and post it to the site.

(3) External source copy should be blockquoted, available for fair or partial use, must not violate anyone's copyright, which means it should be limited to 2-3 paragraphs maximum from each specific source (and not more than 50% of that specific source's text, unless it is public domain or press release material). Blockquotes must be within the author's text, not as the first or last item.

(4) Blockquotes should be less than 50% of your article. We prefer to hear what you, the contributor, has to say about the subject you are writing about.

(5) Photos must be public domain, fair use, or personally shot with permissions included. It's fine if you don't have access to such stock. We do and will pick out appropriate photos/graphics for your post.

(6) Cross-posting: We encourage this -- with this caveat -- that you indicate and link on your cross-post that it was posted on THE ENVIRONMENTALIST under the following guildelines.

(6.a) If you post on our site first, your cross-post link at another site should read: Cross-posted from THE ENVIRONMENTALIST (with THE ENVIRONMENTALIST being the link to your article).

(6.b) If you cross-post to us from another site, please add: Cross-posted on THE ENVIRONMENTALIST to the source site and put Cross-posted from SOURCE SITE on your ENVIRONMENTALIST post, so that the source site receives proper acknowledgment.

(7) Verticals: Please indicate which vertical(s) you think best applies to your post (politics, climate, science, business, lifestyle, history, world news, commentary) in the tags.

(8) Byline and bio: If you have a link to a blog, site or bio, you may include it for your byline. Also include a ~two-line bio for the end of your post. This should be included with each post.

(9) Posting frequency: You are welcome to post as often as you like (recommended: not more than once per day). Please keep in mind we only have one post featured per vertical, so there may be a delay in posting and/or your post may roll off sooner than you intended if others are competing for that vertical. Permalinks are set for each post that its own page when opened and articles can accessed directly or through search engines after they roll off the feature pages.

(10) Wire service pickup: THE ENVIRONMENTALIST is a public interest website. ALL WRITERS DONATE THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS. We do not receive a fee for wire service pickup nor can we guarantee that every article will be picked up. However, as indicated by our archives page (please view for style and format ideas), our articles often get picked up by the wires and can become viral after that. When that happens, we will send you a link.

(11) What you can do for us: As mentioned, we're public interest. Site fees are offset by ads, donations and site store sales. Please let others know this about the site, that subscriptions are free (more subscriptions mean better ads), send links to your articles on our site to your contacts, facebook, etc, and join (fan) the new facebook Environmentalist page.

(12) If you have writers you'd like to recommend, please have them query us via: http://contact.the-environmentalist.org and ask them to mention your referral in the query.

Note: We may be taking on editorial interns in the near future. If you know of qualified journalism students and/or writers/editors who would like to add to their resume, please have them query us via the contact page, as well.

Thank you.